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RHOC Daughter wants to be a house wife

The daughter of Lauri Peterson, one of the celebrity housewives of The Real Housewives of Orange County wants to be follow in her mother’s footsteps. Ashley yearns to be a house wife. Ashley Zarlin wants to forget fulltime career aspirations!

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Ashley Zarlin, the daughter of Lauri Peterson, one of the original cast of the Real Housewives of Orange County is not alone in her assessment. Zarlin must have read an article appearing in the Harvard Business Review about how unhappy unmarried, childless career women can be. Based upon the loving relationship Ashley Zarlin has with her mom, Lauri Peterson, she would be happy to welcome her has a ‘legacy’ member of the Real Housewives Bravo franchise. In fact, in the early years of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Ashley was featured as a bartender on the reality television show.

The Real Housewives Tips for You

Hewlett, its author presented research showing that around middle age, about one-third to one-half of all successful career women in America are childless. She shared that in the group of working women who are white collar professionals such as doctors, lawyers and academician, the figure falls to 33%. However, it rises to 42% of career women who work in corporate America.

She writes, “the yearn for children.” Hwelett states further, ‘the typical high-achieving woman childless at midlife has not [consciously or deliberately] made a choice but a creeping nonchoice.”

Hewlett conducted a follow-up study of the top 10% of women based on earning power. She found that “the brutal demands of ambitious careers, the asymmetries of male-female relationships, and the difficulties of bearing children late in life conspire to crowd out the possibility of having children.”

The Real Housewives Tips for You

Much like the Real Housewives of Orange County reality tv star, Lauri Peterson’s daughter, Ashley Zarlin, many members of the Real Housewives of Bravo franchise, women may be waking up to the myth of the joys of executive careers and the rewards promised when breaking the glass ceiling.

In a more recent study, Pew Research discovered that even though women are waiting longer to have a child, “women today are more likely to have children than a decade ago.” In fact, unlike the stars of The Real Housewives franchise, “the majority of women between the ages of 40 to 44 who have never married have had a baby.”

So maybe Ashley Zarlin, daughter of Lauri Peterson, original reality star of the Real Housewives of Orange County is on to something after all.

Beverly Hills Real Housewives Tips for You

Real Housewives Beverly Hills Daughter Uneasy

Bella Hadid, Daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Alum Yoland Hadid

Bella Hadid, the daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Yolanda Hadid, said recently that she “wasn’t super comfortable in Mohamed’s house as a kid.”

Was it because of differing religions, culture or life experiences? No, Bella Hadid explained that visiting her dad’s lavish and luxurious homes “made her feel a bit uneasy while growing up.” She reflected upon the weekends that she stayed over his house, she felt like she was living a “borrowed life.”

From a psychological and behavioral perspective, when one feels as though they are living a “borrowed life,” they experience intense feelings of being lost while attempting to meet the expectations of others. This can happen when children, teens and young adults try fervently to meet the demands of their parents, teachers and mentors at the expense of achieving their own personal goals and realizing their own dreams that they have for themselves.

Another corollary to living a borrowed life is the “imposter syndrome.” For young kids, adolescents and teens, regardless of celebrity, income or social status, these feelings can be harmful for young kids, adolescents and teens.. How so? When your child seeks to individuate from you as their parent, ie become their own person, establish their own unique identities, and identify their own preferences, interests and hobbies; they are merely beginning the process of healthy maturation.

Individuation is a psychological term to represent a vital stage in human development where teens and young adults start to find themselves, and define who they are. At this stage, your child may begin to assert their own individual and independent identity and establish a cohesive sense of self.

If this critical phase of the maturation process isn’t allowed to fully develop, your child runs the risk of lacking a clear sense of who they are. They may start to feel uneasy seeking their own personal goals when they perceive that their goals differ or are in conflict with those of their parents. The website Good Therapy indicates, that as a result of this cognitive dissonance, “feelings of depression and anxiety may result.”

Another potential consequence is the imposter syndrome. This is a condition in which the suffer believes that he/she is not as competent, worthy or as capable as others perceive them to be and can lead also to depression and anxiety. Even though we are talking about celebrity stars, family members of reality tv cast members; feelings of inadequacy can impact us all. Here are a few real housewives tips, suggestions and recommendations to lessen the threat to you, your family and your loved ones.

Real Housewives Tips for You

A real housewives tip for you and your family could be to:

  1. Ensure that your child’s room is decorated with items, toys, stuffed animals and games of interest to them.
  2. Commit to allowing your child to take with them, cherished toys, stuffed animals and games to play dates with family members who share custody.
  3. Take time to listen to your child daily about his/her personal interests, dreams and goals.
  4. Spend family time playing the preferred activities of your child.
  5. Listen to the feedback your child provides to you when communicating with them and playing with them.
  6. Dial down your expectations of your child.
  7. Refrain from living your life through your child, ie if you were great sports player or cheerleader, band marshal in high school, do not automatically assume that your child wants to follow in your footsteps.