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Real Housewives Beverly Hills Sibling Rivalry

Kathy Hilton and daughter Paris Hilton, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills visit DC

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality tv stars and sisters, Kyle Richards and Kim Richards jilted their sister’s, Kathy Hilton’s 63rd birthday party. Although both sisters gave plausible reasons for scheduling conflicts related to filming, production, and family matters; many fans noticed the snub.

To make matters worse, the rebuff of their physical presence was mirrored by their refrain from posting birthday tributes to their Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sister online and on social media.

Even though the agency representatives for each reality celebrity tv star declined to identify any rift between the three sisters; fans comments upon these three beefs:

  1. Kyle Richards called Kim Richards an alcoholic on camera,
  2. Kyle Richards’ husband, Maurico Umansky, left Hilton & Hyland that was founded by Kathy’s husband, Rick Hilton, to start his own real estate company, The Agency; a direct competitor to his brother-in-law.
  3. Kyle Richards developed a tv pilot based upon their mother that only lasted one season. Her sisters were adamantly against the ty program.

The problems of reality tv stars, the rich, and famous celebrities are not unique to them. Regardless of fame or income, if we have siblings, moms and dads, extended family members, and children; we also get into disagreements from time to time.

Conflicts related to sharing private family matters and personal failings publicly, working as an employee, manager or director and/or starting rival firms as founder or CEO, and developing or investing in projects for which others may voice dissent are not new. They are universal and such dysfunctions are a part of everyday life.

Real Housewives Tips for You

  1. The vitriol and anger directed at you, may not be about you. A psychological term called ‘projection’ occurs when a family member projects their own unacceptable desires and feelings on to an unsuspecting target, you.
  2. Refrain from presenting an immediate reaction to a negative comment or outlandish behavior.
  3. Practice self regulation and coping skills (take a deep breath, count to ten, step away from the interaction).
  4. Resist the urge to ‘step-it-up’ a notch.
  5. Refrain from engaging.
  6. Refrain from gossip, involving others, and seeking retribution (indirectly) through the use of passive/aggressive behaviors and attacks.
  7. Increase the personal investments in make in yourself (emotionally, financially, physically).
  8. Seek and build upon emotional support from others in your life (best friend, your kids, spouse, parents, etc).
  9. Accept the situation at face value. Refrain from brooding about the present condition, situation or single event.
  10. Live your life as you see fit.
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Kim Richards Talks Life After Rehab and Arrest: ‘I’m Just So Grateful to Be Where I Am Today’


Kim Richards is opening up about overcoming her struggles and welcoming new challenges in the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Before I started the show, life was really good and then, you know, things happened and it wasn’t,” she told reporters at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 7 premiere party at the Sofitel Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, California, on Friday. “And it wasn’t just my relapse that was hard, but I went through a depression as well after that.”

Looking back, Richards said she feels “so happy” now.

“I’m just so grateful to be where I am today, and to be this happy and have life this good and have the relationships that I have … I feel so blessed,” she said. “I feel powerful. I feel so grateful. Honestly. Life is so amazing today. I wake up happy. I go to sleep happy…”

But her happiness has been a long time coming. Richards, 50, who originally entered rehab following her April arrest for public intoxication, decided to leave her Malibu treatment facility for her daughter’s nuptials in May 2015. She checked herself back in two weeks later. The reality star and former child actress also entered rehab back in 2011.

“I was really busy this season with my home, my daughters, my son and my grandchild,” she said, when asked about her presence in the new season. “My focus was really on my family.”

As for drama in the upcoming season, Richards said it’s difficult to avoid.

“Well I really wouldn’t go that far!” she said, when asked if there was less drama in season 7. “I managed to make a little time to get by to say ‘Hi’ to everybody, but I don’t know if I squeezed out leaving out the drama. It wasn’t my doing, but you know, leave it to the [Lisa] Rinna!”

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