Real Housewives Tips for You

House Wives and Affiliate Marketing

The Real Housewives is a reality TV series that has followed a cast of women in metropolitan locales around America since 2006, focusing on their rich lifestyles. The Reunion Show brings together cast members, discusses previous season episodes, discusses what happened about unresolved ׳ issues, and provides space to confront each other. Since disclosure is prescriptive in the context of reunions, the casting of topics as “taboos” for discussion is interactingly pronounced and productive. My analysis shows that topic avoidance is caused not by a set of categorically taboo topics, but by topics that temporarily threaten housewives׳ the enactment of culturally elite identities. Evasion helps protect a practically endea graced (status and well-received) public image with classes. I identify and example three different avoidance stances where participants are placed in different roles. These stances work to limit the discussion of threat-threatening information to their own material status׳ preserve their image as “classy׳ and introduce threatening information about other ׳ statuses and classes. After all, the evasive stance is a way of negotiating the tension between housewives appearing on reality TV shows that require openness and disclosure, and being valued as a cultural elite that requires restraint of behavior about stories about the self and others.

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What affiliate marketing can do for you

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Some people may already have a job and just want to make some money on the side, but affiliate marketing is still the answer. You can spend an hour a day on it, and you can easily earn hundreds of dollars a month, depending on how seriously you take it.