Real Housewives Tiffany Hendra Talks Empowering Women

Tiffany Hendra encourages women to live the most authentic, healthy, purposely and brave lives. She graduated from a women’s empowerment company with a wife, talent, empowerment ™, youtube channel creator and coaching sanctuary. But Tiffany didn’t always live a deliberate and empowered life. As a young woman, she experienced bullying, physical abuse and sexual assault, spiraling her into a dark life of self-destruction and drug/alcohol abuse. In 2002, Tiffany hit rock bottom and met God on the bathroom floor in West Hollywood. This was the beginning of a long spiritual journey that transformed her confusion into her message. The healing and reprogramming of the negative belief system has triggered a passion to help women around the world do the same. She found her purpose or her purpose found her.

In 2014, after living and working in Los Angeles for more than 16 years, Tiffany and her houbby, Australian singer-songwriter Aaron Hendra took a leap of faith and moved to Tiff’s home state of Texas. This opened the door for a once-in-a-life opportunity for Tiffany to be inducted into bravo housewife taste as a Season 1 cast member of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Tiffany claims the experience was the hardest and most rewarding thing she has done in her career. “RHOD pushed me beyond my comfort zone and forced me to take a deep look at myself and my value system. I got a stronger sense of self from it, so I’m grateful for the intense struggle of being under the microscope. In addition, it has given me laser clarity on my mission to empower women and help them discover a stronger sense of who they are and what their path of destiny is!

Our mission is to help women regain strength, find voices, develop courage, use gifts, and live freely by loving themselves, including one-on-one coaching, workshops, online courses, and TV appearances.

It’s great, so let’s delve a little deeper into the story – it’s an easy path overall, otherwise what were the challenges you had to overcome?

My journey wasn’t an easy road and I wouldn’t have it any other way! As a child, I loved group activities like cheerleading, sports and school plays while being stubborn yet sensitive, leader yet very empathetic, creative yet super-organized, intestive. I can say that I was a walking contradiction, so I think it caused me to second guess myself and compare myself to others. The struggle began in middle school from the second half of elementary school with my identity and sense of self, on a deeper level. I dealt with racial bullying even though I lived in a racially diverse town outside Houston, Texas, because I was a mixed ancestor of Japan and Europe. It wasn’t until my mid-20s that I became a successful international model that I began to accept and appreciate my mixed look, which was a bonus for the fashion world.

But the biggest struggle I had to overcome was rapping at 16. From the age of 16 to 31, I buried this secret and didn’t tell my soul. The secret was slowly killed and that’s exactly what it was doing to me. Throughout the 20s, I seemed to have an impressive career travelling the world, but internally I lived in embarrassment. I was on the road to slow suicide with drugs, alcohol, overwork, eating disorders, RX drugs, dating toxic men and indiscriminate behavior. And God met me on that bathroom floor and the trajectory of my life changed.

Again, I am grateful for all the hardships they have given me the strength and clarity of my life’s work!

Now, let’s talk about business. What is the Sanctuary of Style ™ Coaching Sanctuary?

My brand and business consists of many aspects, starting with blogs and YouTube channels, style sanctuaries and to enrich women’s lives in the areas of beauty, style, health/wellness and spiritual growth. Now he has graduated to an empowerment company called 1:1 ™ a coaching sanctuary specializing in spiritual empowerment life coaching. The strategy of my coaching business was founded by helping women re-align with high power and develop their spirits first. That’s where the true and lasting transformation takes place! I also lead mission-led entreplement women to develop their voices and enhance their brand with the power of video, as I did on YouTube in style sanctuaries.

It’s also what I’m most proud of, that I know at a close that my company is a typical life coaching company. It is a disconnect from God and her own psy spirit when women are “blocked,” do not love themselves, live in embarrassment and are afraid to use their voices or make themselves visible. Just like me!

The current project is:

After helping some Sanctuary of Style viewers fight cancer with confidence in losing their hair after receiving chemos, I’m launching a fashion line in my name, starting with my signature accessory, a headscarf. Many women love this look, but it’s hard to style it themself, so I’ve designed a scarf that gives them this chic look without hassle. The mission behind this line is to support several women’s organizations locally and around the world by donating a portion of their annual turnover from breast cancer, addiction, eating disorders, abuse and sexual trafficking, and partnering with these charities to raise funds and awareness. Scarves are available online at

I partnered with a team of like-for-like women to host a “Rock the Camera VIP” workshop to empower women in the areas of camera presence, speaking, make-up and wardrobe held at a world-class studio in Dallas, on-air media. The team consists of executive producer and founder of on-air media Melissa Plaskoff, celebrity makeup artist Daniela Bell, fashion stylist Alex Cohen and me.

As many passionate entrepreneurs, my husband and I believe in multiple streams of income and have become health and wellness advocates who empower others on their health journeys. Over the past few years, Aaron and I have both battled health problems from leaky bowels, adrenal fatigue, dehydration, stress and a clogged lymphatic system due to lack of knowledge about food and supplements. We feel better than ever and now live a plant-based, alcohol-free lifestyle. We need health, vibrancy and energy to live our purpose, so our philosophy is that our health is our true wealth!

Are there any features or quality that are essential to success?

Without my faith and my realignment with God, there is no shadow of a doubt that I will be where I am, living freely and creating life and business around my passions and gifts. I almost had to kill myself to learn how to leverage my own energy and creativity by reconnecting with high power. We all have a certain set of unique qualities, gifts and talents. Today’s women have the freedom to become multi-passionate entrepreneurs and try something that lights her up. The world changes when women are “lit up” and fully express themselves!