Teresa Giudice Supports Daughter Gia’s Petition Asking Trump to Stop Husband Joe’s Deportation

Teresa Giudice and her four daughters are doing everything in their power to bring Joe Giudice home.

Teresa’s eldest daughter Gia, 18, created a petition on Tuesday to stop her father Joe Giudice’s impending deportation.

Gia directed the petition, titled “STOP the Deportation of Joe Giudice,” to President Donald Trump.

“My father, Joe Giudice, came to the United States when he was an infant, one year after his birth, he has resided in New Jersey his entire life,” she wrote. “He is a businessman, a husband, father to four young women all under the age of 19, son, brother, uncle and friend to many. He was found guilty of NON Violent offenses and served his time complying with all prison guidelines and procedures.”

“He and my mother are willing to spend funds and additional time in an immigration prison for the chance he gets to hold his children again,” she continued.

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